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Unit 6 Let’s go by taxi

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   Good morning ,everyone .Today I'll talk about Unit 六 Oxford Primary English Boook 四: Let's go by taxi. I'll finish this Unit in four lessons,today I'll talk about the first period of the Unit .   ...


  Good morning ,everyone .Today I'll talk about Unit 六 Oxford Primary English Boook 四: Let's go by taxi. I'll finish this Unit in four lessons,today I'll talk about the first period of the Unit .

  This Unit is very important of this bookThe Unit is the continuation of Unit 八 Oxford Primary English Book3. It provides the new words of places:station ,supermarket,library,theatre,hospital and airport.The new phrases: by train,by plane,by minibus and on foot.When learn the new words and new phrases, the Ss will come into contact with the new pattern: Shall we go to …by …? As we know there isn't a long histroy that the Ss have learnt English in the primary school,so the main instructional aims of teaching English is to cultivate the Ss' abilities of listening, speaking and the synthetic abilities of communication,co-operation and investigation.And to cultivate their good sense of English.

  (本课是本册教材中较为首要的依棵,它是牛津小学英语三A第八单元知识的一个延长。在本单元中提供了六个所在类的单词及四个交通工具类的单词和门生在学习单词的过程中将会碰到的一个新句型Shall we go to … by…? 咱们晓得小学生学习英语的时候不是很长,以是这一堂课的首要教学目的将1培育门生的据说读写本领及与人交换合作和初步调查研究的本领和较好的英语语感。)

  ⅠTeaching contents:

  1. The new words of the places: station, supermarket, library and so on.

  2. The new words of vehicles: train, plane, minibus and foot.

  3. The new pattern: Shall we go to … by …?

  Ⅱ Teaching aims:

  1. The aims to the knowledge

  a. To enable the Ss to read and spell the new wordsand understand the meaning of the new words.

  b. To help the Ss learn the new pattern: Shall we go to … by …?

  c. To enable the Ss to communicate with the others using the new pattern.

  2. The aims to the abilities

  a. To improve the Ss ability of listening and speaking .

  b. To encourage the Ss to communicate with the others actively.

  3. The aims to the emotion

  a. To educate the Ss to be polite and helpful to the others.

  Ⅲ The key pionts:

  1. To enable the Ss master the new words.

  2. To enable the Ss study in groups and co-operate with the others.

  3. To arouse the Ss' interest in English.

  Ⅳ Teaching methods:

  To cultivate the Ss' abilities of listening,speaking,reading and writing,to increase the Ss'ability of learning English by themselves and to arouse their interest ,in this peroid,I'll use the teaching methods below:


  1. Communication method(社交法)

  I'll set up a real situation,in this way ,the Ss can say in pairs or in groups,they can say freely and needn't worring about making mistakes.

  2. Task-based method (义务法)

  That is to say I'll let the Ss finish a task by making a short dialogue and acting it out.To help the Ss get a better undersangding of the key structure.

  Ⅴ Teaching aids:

  In this lesson, the CAI,some pictures will be used.

  Ⅵ Teaching procedure:

  Step 一 Warm up

  1. Sing a song 《 They sing happily》.

  2. Make a free talk between the T-S ,S-S.

  Are you happy today?

  Let's go to the park,OK?…

  This step is to form a better situation for rhe students by singing and speaking.They will come into the real surrounding of English learning,And it can also review the learnt knowledge for the next step.(这1环节通过唱歌和自由对话为门生营建了较好的说话情况,他们会很快地进入英语学习的情境中来,在此同时也温习了旧知,为下一步的学习做好了充沛的准备。)

  Step 二 Presentation

  I'll mainly talk about this period.

  1. Learn the new words of places

  a. CAI shows a big beautiful picture of a city.

  b. A little cat go around the city and tell the Ss what place it is .

  c. Write down the words on the blackboard.Ask them to read and spell ,pay attention to the pronunciation.

  d. Show some pictures of the places,ask sb to say and put the pictures in the right places on the blackboard.

  e. &nb

  sp; Practise the new words:

  (一) Show some signs of the places and ask them to guess what place it is.For example show a red cross to guess that is a hospital.

  (二) Guide them to make a short dialogue and practise with their partners.

  Shall we go to …? All right.

  This step is not to present the new words one by one,just with the help of the CAI and the pictures,it can provide a real situatian to understand the meaning of the words and to arouse the Ss'interest in English learning.A competition can encourage them to try by themselves and improve their ability of learning. (这1环节,并不是简单地逐一显现要学的新单词,而是借助于多媒体和图片,为门生的学习提供了一个较真实的情境,让他们在情境中学会新知,对所学新单词的意思有比较好的理解,同时也大大激起了门生学习英语的兴致。设置的比赛的环节可以或许激励门生勇敢尝试,进步他们英语学习的本领。)

  2. Learn the new words of vehicles

  a. CAI provide some sounds of the vehicles,and ask them to guess

  b. Listen to the sound and learn the new words.

  c. Read and spelll the words .Have a competition:Who can recite the words quickly .

  d. Practise the new words:

  1. Look at part of the picture and guess.

  2. Learn the new phrases

  Act and say:(边演出边说)

  Train,train,go by train

  Plane,plane,go by plane

  Minibus,minibus,go by minibus

  Foot,foot,go on foot

  This step I use the CAI to show the sounds and let them to guess,they will be happy to try and be interested in the procedure of the learning.And the acting will help them get a more better understanding of the phrases.(这1环节,我利用多媒体提供差别交通工具发出的声音,让门生去猜一猜,他们在学的进程中会很雀跃地去尝试并会对学习的进程自身发生浓重的兴致。边说边演的环节,可以通过调动门生的全部感官,让他们对所学词组的意思有更好的理解,同时印象也更深入了)

  Step 三 Practise

  1.A guesssing game

  The CAI show a big picture.There are many places in the picture,and there are different vehicles in the way to the different places.Ask them to guess and give them a smiling face or a crying face.There can be a competition between the groups.Using the structure: Shall we go to … by…?

  2.Work in pairs

  Ask them to make a dialogue with their partners.They can speak to several classmates who they want to co-operate with,so they can walk freely in the class.

  This part is very important of the lesson.The Ss' abilities of speaking and communication will be well trained.Use the CAI to set a real surrounding and encourage the Ss to communicate with the others.They can say loudly and freely .They will feel happy and successful during this part.By way of communication ,the Ss will understanding the meaning of the structure better and master the knowledge firmly.(这部份在这一课中非常重要,由于在这1环节中学生说和与他人交换的本领将会获得很好的磨炼。用多媒体创设真实情境,激励门生与别人进行交换。他们可以高声自由的说英语。在这进程真他们会体验到快活和胜利。通过与他人的交换,真实的说话应用,门生对重点句型的意义用法也有了很好的理解,这将促使他们坚固地掌握所学的知识。)

  Step 四 Consolidation

  The CAI show two characterswho are fimilar to the Ss.Give them a task: Make a short dialogue between the two to talk about their weekends.

  This part is the consolidation of the key structure,and also is an extensive activity for the Ss.During this part ,the Ss can think and say by themselves,they will be glad to use the knowledge they have learnt,and their creative power will be well trained. (这1环节是对重点句型的温习巩固,也是给门生设置的一项拓展延长的学习运动。这部份,门生可以自己勇敢的思索,勇敢的说,特别很是愿意地去用所学的知识与别人对话,他们的缔造本领也得到了很好的培育。)

  Step 五 Homework

  Do a survey

  Investigate they can go to some place by which vehicle.


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