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高三英语上 单选精讲精练

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1 - fine,我这个案件的行为我已美使。...


1. --- Fine, I've got used to the life there and I've made some friends. A. How are you  B. How are you doing C. Are you getting on well  D. How do you do

2.  ---How do you like the film? ---There was nothing special--- it was only ____. A. average B. usual C. normal D. common

3. I can't go to the New Year's concert, ________, 100 dollars is just too much for me to spend in one evening. A . in other words. B that is. C  in particular. D  I mean

4. There was time I hated to go to school . A.a; that  B.a; when  C.the; that  D.the ; when

5. Scientists generally agree that earth's climate will warm up over the next 50 to100 years______ it has warmed in the 20,000 years since Ice Age. A. so long as.  B. as much as. C  as long as.  D  as well as

6. Now in the market there are too many oranges, making the prices down, so I suggest _____. A.you'd better turn to do other business B.you would rather turn to other business C.you turning to doing other business D.you ought to turn to selling other fruits

7. _____ some old tables, his house was almost empty. A. Besides B. Except C. Apart from D. But

8. ----- What's the model plane look like? ----- Well, the wings of the plane are ______ of its body. A. more than the length twice B. twice more than the length C. more than twice the length D. more twice than the length

9.  ----- Which share is meant for me ? ----- You can take _____ half. They are exactly the same. A. this B. any C. each D. neither

10. I_____ violin lessons every two weeks, but I think I ‘ll make it every week from next month. A. am having B. have had C. have D. have been having

11. It is fairly common in Africa for there______ a group of expert musicians surrounded by others who also join in the performances. A. being B. to be C. be D. is

12. ----Now that you like the computer so much. Why not buy it? ---Well, I can't afford ______computer. A. that expensive a  B. a that expensive C.  that an expensive  D. an expensive that

13. He has got himself into a dangerous situation ______ he is likely to lose control over the plan. A. where B. which C. where D. why

14. ______, the concert began. A. The listeners having taken their seats B. Having taken their seats C. Having taken their places D. Taking their seats

15. ---- You shouldn't have gone there alone last night. ---- But I ______, because Xiao Wang went there, too. A. didn't B. had to C. did D. should

16. ---- There is a lot of smoke coming out of the teaching-building there. ---- Really? It _____ be a fire, most probably. A. can B. ought to C. have to D. must

17. If you don't wait _______ the red light, you will be punished by the policeman. A. at B. under C. for D. on

18. ________ doesn't seem to have been much difficulty in solving the problem. A. It B. That C. There D. He

19. Are the parents who let their child who is ______ walk in the dark alone at night considerate? A. young enough B. too young to  C. not old enough to  D. so young

20. If you want to sell your product you must _____ it. A. advertise B. advertise for C. advertise on D. advertise to

21. ----Any news about Bill Clinton? ----He left power three years ago and has a little now and a little then been ______. A. heard of since B. heard since  C. heard before  D. heard of before

22. Professor Liu has ________ teach psychology since he came to the Central China Normal University. A. determination to  B. been determined to  C. been determining to D. determined to

23. The idea for the new machine came to Mr. Baker ______ to his invention recently. A. while devoting  B. while devoted  C. while he was devoted D. while devoting himself.

24. How many of us ______ a meeting that is not important to us would be interested in the discussion? A. attended B. attending C. to attend D. have attended

25. I can _____ some noise while I'm studying, but I can't stand very loud noise. A. put up with B. get rid of C. have effects on D. keep away from

26. Before leaving home, make sure to turn off the electricity, lock the door, ______ the windows open. A. and not to leave B. instead of leaving C. rather than leave D. and not leave

27. A mysterious illness, referred to as “ a typical phenomena”, has been brought under control, the government said on Wednesday, ______ no cause of it has been made public. A. though B. when C. that D. because

28. Space exploration has been made ______ with the development of modern science and technology. A. it possible B. it was possible C. that possible  D. possible

29. We want such materials  ________ can bear high temperature and pressure. A. that B. as C. what D. which

30. Hardly ___________the door when he rushed into the office out of breath. A.I opened  B. did I open  C.I had opened  D. had I opened

31. You will see this product wherever you go. A.to be advertised B.advertised C.advertise D.advertising

32. The time is not far away modern communications will become widespread in China's vast countryside. A.as B.until C.before D.when

33. —I thought you wouldn't mind. —Well, as a matter of fact I ; but you should have asked me first. A.did  B.do C.won't  D.don't

34. It doesn't matter to me I miss my train, because there's another one later. A.that  B.if C.unless D. when

35. I realize she can be very troublesome, but I think you should apologize for being so angry with her. A.all the same B.once in a while C.in actual fact D.all the time

36. —Do you think she's going to leave? —The had crossed my mind. A.matter B.hope C.desire D.thought

37. we move the picture over there? Do you think it will look better? A.If only B.What if C.As if D.Even if

38._________ happened to be no one in the building when the fire broke out. A. It B. There C. This D.That

39. He left with the secretary that he would call again in the afternoon. He said he would keep . A.words; his words  B.word; his word  C.word; word D.the word; his word

40. I am afraid I am not fit for the job, for it is calling for much patient. A.which B.what C.one D.that

41. —Why? Where is the key to the meeting room? —Dear me! You it in the taxi! A.had never left B.didn't leave C.never left D.haven't left

42. —I didn't go to the Museum yesterday. —Yes, but I would rather you there too. A.went  B.had gone C.should go D.would have gone

43. They _______ a certain amount of working experience through volunteer work. A. attempted B. accumulated  C. abandoned D. accomplished

44. “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.” is a proverb, ______ life is beautiful and full of frustrations as well A. means B. to mean C. meaning D. meant

45. He proved himself a true gentleman and the beauty of his _______ was seen at its best when he worked with others. A. temper B. appearance C. talent D. character

46. Nowadays sending e-mails to each other is a way many a student _______ what they think. A. conveys B. convey C. account D. accounts

.The athletes spent as much time getting trained as they __ studying. A. were B. had C. did D. disliked

48. ---He was nearly drowned in a pool. ---Oh, when was ___ exactly? --- It was in 1983 ____ he was swimming with his friends. A. this; that B. that; when C. that; that D. what; when

49. --- I am going downtown. --- Come on. _________. A. Don't do that.  B. You are welcome.  C. Come with me. D. I'll give you a lift.

50. --- Does anybody want an extra ticket to go to the cinema? --- Whom would you rather ______ with you, George or me? A. have go B. have gone C. to go D. going




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